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Karilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyonKarilyonKarilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyon: Bawal vs Puwede

On 25, Feb 2012 | In | By keouie

Karilyon: Bawal vs Puwede

Karilyon is the Benildean Press Corps’ Filipino culture magazine. The challenge for this issue was maintaining the new Karilyon Filipino direction without making it look too similar from the previous issue. Applying the theme ‘Bawal vs Puwede’—which loosely translates to What’s illegal vs legal, we tried experimenting with a vintage western feel mixed with Filipino retro vibe.

Creative Direction by Jouie Ulangca
Layout by Jouie Ulangca and Raiza Poquiz
Editorial Direction by Acy de Guzman and Jouie Ulangca
Lettering by Carl Graham