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My nickname ‘Jouie’ is my brand. It is spelled differently, just how I work with my blissful passion and profession in design. I constantly try to put in distinctive taste rather than make it an otherwise prevalent job. I design responsive emails, websites, social media identities and printed works.

I took up a degree in Multimedia Arts soon after finishing my degree in International Studies major in European Studies. At a glance, my work consists entirely of coding languages and Adobe programs. But essentially, it’s about the client and who the the project is for. I am a nerd for great client briefs and love learning how I could help clients accomplish their goals with visual design and concept.

As a hobby, I like to dabble in crafts and photography. I also love traveling to get life, culture and design inspirations. Here, I think my past and present workstations could represent me the best:

Workstation Past

Workstation Past



Updated Desk

My new desk is whiter and closer to the sunshine