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Active Hearing Website

On 04, May 2018 | No Comments | In | By keouie

Active Hearing Website

Active Hearing owns the exclusive distributorship of Siemens Hearing Aids in the metro. They approached me to create a website that can help customers reach out to them as well as be informed of announcements.


Two-brand Print Ad

On 04, May 2018 | No Comments | In | By keouie

Two-brand Print Ad

This project was a dual ad for two different brands. The client needed a one-page advertisement that incorporates both her brands: Barkers & Mittens and Sparkles & Glistens.
I had a great time making this advertisement. The client gave me a link to a stock of great dog photos and liked the ones I chose for the studies. Illustrating the house to accommodate the text was also fun.

On 01, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By keouie


This brochure project was to promote Rejuvenate, a wellness program service for church leaders.  Since all the stock imagery and the logo were provided together with the brief, this project only needed the layout and direction.

The overall design theme was expanded from the logo’s color and shape. Also, to incorporate a continuous feel, each fold was designed so that the brochure still looks like one solid layout instead of a tri-fold.


Dekunstrukt: OrientationsDekunstrukt: OrientationsDekunstrukt: OrientationsDekunstrukt: OrientationsDekunstrukt: OrientationsDekunstrukt: Orientations

On 28, Jun 2012 | In | By keouie

Dekunstrukt: Orientations

Dekunstrukt is the official photography folio of the Student Publications Office. Its pages consist of photo submissions from the Benildean Community and the publication staff’s. The initial theme for this issue was ‘Portraits’. However, with a low submission rate, it was necessary that another theme be put in place. Hence, ‘Landscapes’ was put in as its alter-cover.

Publication creative direction and layout were done by Jouie Ulangca
Photo editing by Eric Beltran.

Karilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyonKarilyonKarilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyon: Bawal vs PuwedeKarilyon: Bawal vs Puwede

On 25, Feb 2012 | In | By keouie

Karilyon: Bawal vs Puwede

Karilyon is the Benildean Press Corps’ Filipino culture magazine. The challenge for this issue was maintaining the new Karilyon Filipino direction without making it look too similar from the previous issue. Applying the theme ‘Bawal vs Puwede’—which loosely translates to What’s illegal vs legal, we tried experimenting with a vintage western feel mixed with Filipino retro vibe.

Creative Direction by Jouie Ulangca
Layout by Jouie Ulangca and Raiza Poquiz
Editorial Direction by Acy de Guzman and Jouie Ulangca
Lettering by Carl Graham

Horizons: A different kind of fairytaleHorizons: A different kind of fairytaleHorizons: A different kind of fairytale

On 01, Jan 2012 | In | By keouie

Horizons: A different kind of fairytale

Horizons is an art folio of the Benildean Press Corps’ art staffers. It also showcases the Benildean community’s best art submissions. This year’s theme was A different kind of fairytale. We wanted the whole thing to look like a modern fairytale without looking like a fairytale book. The people should be stepping into the fairytale and not hearing about it.

I am so glad I get to work on this with Patmai, who understood every single direction I wanted the pages to look like.

Creative Direction by Jouie Ulangca
Illustration by Patmai de Vera and Jouie Ulangca
Lettering by Carl Graham